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About Shalom Hotel

The Shalom Hotel offers a new experience in hospitality with its back-to-basics farm-lifestyle hotel. Surrounded with a lush environment, Shalom Hotel offers an escape from the hectic, fast-paced, and dull urban living and provides guests with a peaceful sojourn.

The brand fuses contemporary design with an array of lush greenery to serve as an inviting place where you can relax and recover from the busy work week. It is a perfect holiday home for the entire family.

Shalom Hotel offers a relaxing and a peaceful sojourn. We are a Farm hotel in the Southern part of the Philippines. Providing rural warmth and wellness services.

Resting in the grandeur of nature, Shalom Hotel endeavors to provide guests with a relaxing sojourn. Shalom Hotel is a farm-hotel that encourages guests to experience a back-to-basics approach to relaxation. Offering farm activities to its guests as they wake in the morning, Shalom Hotel aims to instill in younger generations the importance of farming and agriculture. Because of its spacious rooms, Shalom Hotel is a favorite among churches, companies, and organizations.

We are a Farm hotel that provides a peaceful and warmth ambiance that you and your family will love. Perfect for people who loves to get away from the city and enjoy outdoors.

To get away from noise, traffic, strict schedules. To be surrounded by nature. To create new memories with family and friends. These are the reasons why you will love to stay here at Shalom Hotel.

Shalom Hotel Services

Services Offered:

Accommodation and farm tour

Accepted Payment Option:

Online Banking and Gcash

Business Operation:

24/7(for housekeeping 8am to 8pm)

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