What’s in a name? Everything. And the name Camp Benjamin (or CB as it is endearingly called) captures the essence of its existence — why it was birthed and the role it is hoped to play in honoring God, serving His people, the communities, the corporations, and the nations.

It started with the dream of its founders and funders to give their best to the Lord (notwithstanding their earthly possessions and talents) to attend to battle-weary souls in a secure, relaxing, farm-like and yet modern-looking camp. The goal is to nurture them back to uncanny strength, vigor and conviction — ready to serve the world again much like the Benjamins’ of old and the “Benjamins” we see today serving people with a warrior’s courage and a servant’s heart.

For all that enters its gate, CB is anchored on two-pronged vision of wellness and transformation – a learning facility at its core and a place for physical restoration. It uses as much organic methods (farm life if you may) as it could to restore people’s health and strength while at the same time showcases advances in technology that inspire the mind and makes the world a better place to live in.

CB officially opened its doors to the world in the year 2011. Since then, at least a thousand organizations have entered its fold and we have been privileged to have helped heightened their cultural fabric as well as brought to fore their organizational growth-drivers.

With the hundred thousand individuals entrusted to our care all these years, we have likewise carefully nurtured and connected to their hearts and purpose with all humility and success, much like the way a “beloved” would be served. And yes, we have had occasional jitters and gaffs especially at the beginning, but that amazingly made us all stronger “Benjamites”, much like our hope for our clients to be when they get out of the camp to face the world in all its beauty and challenges.

It took the courage and passion of everyone to see what Camp Benjamin is today. Nestled in a luscious town of Alfonso in Cavite, this 4.7 hectare multi-purpose facility with an adjacent 9.1-hectare integrated and natural farm has its program devised for a worry-free and all-in-results that will benefit your mind, body, and soul in an extremely fun environment.

We Induce Transformation

Great teams are energizing and productive, delivering breakthrough results. However, teamwork is not easy. Even the best teams, with the most well-intentioned colleagues, can encounter problems that hinder their collective accomplishments.

With We Lead Training’s program, you will learn strategies and facilitation techniques for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. We will help your team develop skills that enhance communication, trust, and align team members around shared goals and values so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute, and deliver.

We believe that mentoring is an extremely effective way to prepare your future leaders early on. It is like as simple as a gentle push in the right direction. An easy way to preserve the intangible assets of your company—the minds and capabilities of the key young people who are the future face of your brand.

We Redefine Solitude

At Shalom Hotel, you can escape the hectic and fast-paced city lifestyle in just a couple of hours drive from Manila. Refresh your senses with accommodations and facilities designed to provide guests a peaceful sojourn. Fall in love with the lush environment and experience rural warmth that the city cannot offer.

We Value Our Heritage

A fusion of modern and traditional taste, this is what Mon’s Restaurant takes pride of. Take a gastronomical time travel and recall your childhood favorite dishes that are freshly prepared with passion and soul. Food are served in a modern way yet the sense of tradition, not abandoned. Ingredients are locally grown and sourced from a nearby farm. Also, it is perfectly situated on top of a hill inside the camp for that breathtaking and relaxing homey feel.

We Nurture Life

Good food should be chemical-free! Win Farm is committed to grow the tastiest and nutrient-packed food to be enjoyed while you are in Camp Benjamin. Aside from naturally grown farm and poultry products that strive for sustainability, tour packages are also offered. These packages cater to anyone who wants to relax and experience farm life for a day or two. Learn the basics of integrated farming and uncover nature’s splendor!

We Cherish Unity

You will experience “forever” here in Camp Benjamin. The Weddings at CB, lets you and your beloved celebrate your love with one another that both of you will never forget. Whether you envision a classic intimate ceremony or a grandiose event, The Weddings at CB will help you create that moment you ever dreamed of.

Aside from the all-in services, we promote the true essence of marriage. We are committed to help you appreciate what God had designed marriage for: partnership, spiritual intimacy and the ability to pursue God — together.

We Make It Grand

The Center is prominently located at the heart of Camp Benjamin. It boasts a 6,000 sqm lot with a massive floor area of 10,300 sqm that is deliberately balanced in space, function, and design. To cater variety of events, there are five function rooms and two plenary halls that are available and the Grand Ballroom can comfortably accommodate up to 1,200 people.

Bring your celebrations to the next level! May it be a big event or a simple get together, The Center is the perfect venue. You can rely on our expertise and we ensure that an event management team will professionally handle your occasions in the most practical and meaningful way. We make your events grand at The Center!

We Take Initiative

With the abundance of alternative and renewable energy sources in a tropical country like the Philippines, Camp Benjamin saw its huge potential and eagerly embraced the solar energy technology to generate clean and reliable power.

It was a bold move, but eventually, the initiative paid off. Today, we are proud to say that Camp Benjamin is the first multifaceted camp facility in Cavite to use solar panels and is in the forefront of the renewal energy movement in the province. To date, our 100 kWh solar farm can support either of the two largest electric consuming buildings in CB namely Shalom Hotel and The Center!

By using renewable energy technology, CB commits to its goal of a holistic approach in eco-tourism, sustainable development, environmental preservation and healthy living, without compromising the camp’s identity and purpose.

Camp Benjamin therefore exists to help clients feel a lasting change that can boost their confidence and self-esteem to bring them to their “new you” – a fresh overall sense of well-being that will improve their outlook and be ready to take on their daily challenges.

We have served thousands of clients at every level of their organization, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach for front line employees. For every engagement, we assemble a team with the most appropriate experience and expertise and we would love to add you to our growing list of clients!

Learn how you can benefit and experience Camp Benjamin. Feel free to email us at customerservice@campbenjamin.com.ph or call us at these numbers: 0927-496-6023 | 0947-338-2995 | 0932-548-3054 | (046) 443-2163. We will be happy to answer questions or schedule a meeting and discuss what will bring best value to the life and aspirations of our clients.

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